Supporting Trans Staff and Community in Your Library Part 1

How can library workers and leaders support trans staff and patrons in our spaces? How can we make our trans employees feel valued and accepted, and our patrons feel safe? This can be daunting if you are not sure what to do, especially in the context of heightened tension around LGBTQ+ inclusive materials and programs. We will discuss barriers faced by many trans folks in the workplace and solutions to overcoming these obstacles to create a safer, more inclusive library where everyone can belong.

MLA is proud to invite Farmington Hills based organization Stand with Trans to join us for a 2-part webinar series on how to be a better ally in your library. The second session will build on the first and each will address issues such as what it means to be transgender, why pronouns are important, understanding the gender spectrum, language dos/don’ts, vocabulary, statistics, and allyship, with plenty of time for discussion and Q&A. 

Course Details

MLA Connect: Supporting Trans Staff and Community in Your Library01:25:03
Part 1 (November 9, 2022) 01:25:03
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